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Norwell High School Athletic Hall of Fame FAQ’s.

 Q. I filled out the application. Do I need to do more?


A. Yes. In order to insure the most comprehensive review of your nominee please include as much supporting documentation that you can. This can include school records, newspaper articles, recommendations from coaches, etc. This information allows the Hall of Fame board to truly understand the level of accomplishment achieved by your nominee. When submitting this information please send copies only.


Q. I can think of a few athletes who deserve consideration but I haven’t seen them as entrants. Why haven’t they been considered?


A. They likely have not been nominated. The Hall of Fame Board only reviews and votes upon individuals or teams that have been nominated for consideration. If you would like us to consider a candidate, please submit an application!


Q. Does the Norwell Hall of Fame only consist of individual athletes?


A. No. The Hall of Fame currently consists of athletes, coaches, and friends of Norwell High School athletics. We inducted an entire team (1972 football team) in the 2012 class!


Q. Who can nominate someone?


A. Anyone can nominate an athlete, coach, team or friend of Norwell Athletics. The nominator should include as much information as possible so their candidate gets a thorough review.


Q. How long are applications active?A. The committee reviews applications every 2 years and applications remain eligible for consideration for 5 cycles (10 years.) Q. When are applications accepted and when are inductees notified?


A. Applications are accepted anytime with a cut-off in the spring of the current induction year. Inductees are notified as soon as decisions are made – in the spring of the induction year.

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