Clipper Hall of Fame  Class of 2010

Wesley Osborne                          Class of 1940             Baseball

Mary Osborn Knapp                    Class of 1943             Girls Basketball Coach

John Barnecott                             Class of 1970            Track & Field

Keith Whitaker                             Class of 1973             Cross-Country, Indoor Track, Track & Field

Roger Caron                               Class of 1980             Football, Wrestling

Pam Connell Gess                      Class of 1986             Indoor Track & Track & Field

Alicia Porro- Thibault                  Class of 1990              Indoor Track, Track and Field

Edward Healey                            Class of 1992             Soccer, Indoor Track, Track & Field

Brian Fabrizio                              Class of 1999             Football 

 Dan Mcnamara                           Class of 2000             Football, Basketball

Sarah Cox                                    Class of 2003             Basketball

Robert Littlefield                          1975-1993                  Girls Cross-Country, Indoor Track, Track & Field Coach

Albert Kassatly                            1965-2009                   Baseball, Football Coach

Paul Snell                                      Friends of Norwell / Special Contributor